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Phosphate Rich Organic Manure (PROM) is a Value added product produced by co-composting high grade phosphate rock in fine size with organic waste. The application of PROM has proved beneficial even in saline and weakly alkaline soils. The researches carried out throughout the country in various agro-climatic conditions unequivocally speak about the efficacy of PROM, which has been found to be even better than commercially available chemical fertilizers.

The present volume contains research papers on various aspects of PROM technology. The papers are related to evaluation of agronomic efficacy of PROM on various crops, nitro PROM using wool waste, options for fine grinding of minerals, mechano-chemical activation of rock phosphates, efficient jet mill plant operation, PROM and solubility of phosphate rocks, biogas purification and bottling with PROM for rural industrialization, use of additives and in dry grinding of industrial minerals and an integrated process layout for manufacture and utilization of PROM.
   ISBN: 81-301-0062-2     Rs.595.00

Phosphate Rich Organic Manure (PROM) is a value added product produced by co-compositing high-grade rock phosphate in fine size with organic matter collected from various sources such as FYM, straw of paddy or wheat, pressmud, karanj cake or waste from fruit industries and distillery etc. Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria (PSB) and nitrogen fixing bacteria are added to improve the efficiency. The present book gives a comprehensive view of various aspects of PROM technology such as size reduction and granulometry of minerals, various routes of PROM making microorganisms involved in PROM technology, analysis of PROM and soil, field experiments, statistical methods for their evaluation, PROM standards and sources of supply of PROM inputs. It is hoped that the book will be helpful to farmers, crop scientists, industrialists, environmentalists and persons interested in PROM making as they will get all the needed information compiled at one place.
   ISBN: 81-7906-092-6

Application of phosphate fertilizer has been an important factor for improved crop productivity in India leading to Green Revolution. Phosphate Rich Organic Manure (PROM) is a value added product produced by co-compositing different organic wastes with high-grade rock phosphate in fine size has become a useful and effective alternative to costly chemical fertilizers. The present volume is a compilation of researches carried out on different aspects of PROM, during the last couples of years, in different agroclimatic conditions on diverse crops. It is hoped that the outcome of researches contained in this volume will significantly contribute in the so called "Second and Evergreen Revolution" and the PROM technologywill prove to be a boon to the industries producing organic waste, such as pressmud, and will provide a most suitable way for the safe and profitable utilization of these wastes.
   ISBN: 81-7906-062-4    2004 Rs.595.00

Phosphate Rich Organic Manure (PROM)-a Value added product produced by co-composting High Grade phosphate Rock in fine size with organic waste, has become a popular alternative to costly chemical fertilizers during last couple of years and its market is picking up at a rapid pace. A large number of laboratories across the country have been engaged in the study of effective use of PROM, particularly its use in organic farming and biogas technology. The present volume is a compendium of information generated during last two years on this new and emerging technology. The papers included in this volume contain data on the studies conducted on the agronomic effectiveness of PROM, its use in organic farming and Biogas technology. It is hoped that these data will prove useful in wider applications of PROM technology.
   ISBN: 81-7906-115-9

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Phosphate Rich Organic Manure,
Edited by M.S. Shaktawat, B.N. Swami,
N.C. Aery, Mohan Singh, M.K. Katewa

M/s Himanshu Publications
465, Sector 11, Hiran Magri, Udaipur (Rajasthan)
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PROM Manual
Authors: D.M.R. Sekhar and N.C. Aery

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PROM Volume I

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4. PROM Volume II Apex Publishing House, Udaipur, Jaipur